Fish shooting game online. Kinds of fish

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Fish shooting game Master players usually classify fish into 3 types as common fish (small fish), specialty fish (item fish), boss fish (large fish).

common fish

Common fish are small fish. with low defense But small fish have different defense powers depending on the size of the small fish. with less points. But can use small fish to spin money to get credit to buy guns or ammunition itself

special fish

Special fish are fish that these gamblers Must shoot and warrant because there are special items When players shoot fish Special fish size and players ufabet will get many special items to use in the game. It will help the players. It’s easier to play with these fish having special symbol

Boss fish

Boss fish are the fish that gamblers want the most because they are big fish. Because it is a fish that can break bonuses. get mock credit But it must first come with the fast and nimble fish. strange movement different from other fish It’s hard to catch directions by yingpla , a secret recipe for shooting fish games. Beginners must know how to shoot small fish. Collect money to buy ammunition. Then turn to shoot special fish. to collect items to use with boss-level fish If players do this, their chances of winning a boss fish are 80% higher.

How to play fish shooting game for profit

Do not bet less than 1 percent of the investment

yingpla believes that most players want to profit from low cost. But do not forget that the fish shooting game is an online gambling game, the chances that you will always lose or lose at the end are also high. Wouldn’t it be better if the players already had the knowledge? and then invest the money at a level that can be used for compounding By the principle of using the money if the players do not know what is Able to read the compounding formula

Don’t shoot randomly

recommended for beginners or fish shooting master Don’t shoot randomly in case you don’t know the technique. If you already know the technique You can combine random shooting techniques with your play. If you don’t have a technique to shoot randomly. The credits you buy for ammunition will be completely lost. along with being unable to make you that Rollover money to continue playing, so if you are a newbie, do not shoot randomly

shooting special fish

as said above Do not overlook small fish, special fish, because these two species are the path to profit from boss fish. Players do not know the technique of choosing to shoot these 2 fish, players will not be able to spin money. Make a plan to move money to win bonus prizes from boss fish. If the player is a newbie, the more privileges are lost. So keep studying, see how to play, make a money plan. Know how to compound the money well. If you don’t want long-term losses

Summary of the secret formula of fish shooting game that newbies need to know If you don’t want to lose

yingpla fish shooting game secret formula, if players have read to this point Believe that players will definitely change the concept of playing. whether it is planning, choosing fish, playing techniques Including a suitable rollover method for you, players can play fun fish shooting games at sagame or sagame bet freely and safely. 

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