Arteta addresses criticism of Gary for goalscoring.

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has addressed Gary Neville’s criticism that the team lacks decisiveness in attack, which will affect their future title hopes.

Arsenal were excellent last season but ended up as runners-up. As for this year, the players who were hot last season, including Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, all scored fewer goals.

    Asked about Gary’s view on Arsenal, Arteta told UFABET: “That’s the fact that we don’t have players who are scoring 25-30 goals apiece. seasons over the years”

    “But that’s what we have. And with that we believe we can get very close to winning the championship. We will try, no doubt.”

    Arteta was asked if there was pressure to sign a more prolific striker. The person replied that “That is not a topic of discussion right now. Things I talk to Edu and to my players. It’s how we can help them more. For someone to be like that.” UFABET

    “Because Martin Odegaard had never previously scored more than four goals in his career and he scored 15 goals [last season], Bukayo also scored 15 goals and Martineli, too.”

    “So why don’t you go into the game saying ‘I’m going to score three goals every game’? If you have that mindset and think outside the box. Maybe it happens if you work every day, if you don’t even think about it. I didn’t think it was possible.”