West Ham put brakes on Moyes new contract.

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West Ham has ordered the team to temporarily stop negotiating a new contract with David Moyes because they want to see if the team’s performance from now on will improve or not.

The Hammers just lost to Arsenal 0-6 in the Premier League on Sunday, with the team trailing 0-4 in the first half and many fans walking off the field during halftime. time

Previously, the UFABET reported that the Hammers were ready to negotiate a new contract with the Scottish manager after leading the team to a 2-0 win over Arsenal in December. After the current contract is about to expire at the end of the season.

West Ham are keen to offer Moyes a contract until mid-2026 and discussions are ongoing. But recently, famous British media revealed that the club ordered the matter to be suspended for now.

An important factor comes from the recent disappointing performance because the team has not won all 7 games in all competitions or since defeating the Gunners in mid-December. ยูฟ่าเบท

In addition, they also missed out from the FA Cup at the hands of Bristol City, combined with a complete defeat in the latest match, causing the board of directors to suspend the new contract while waiting to reassess the team’s performance and response.

West Ham’s next 3 games are a visit to Nottingham Forest, followed by a home match against Brentford and a visit to Everton.